Meet The Occupational Therapists April & Nicole

At Occupational Therapy Family Services, LLC – we work with children and families on the development of social and life skills that are individualized to your needs.  

April and Nicole are both Occupational Therapists with advanced training in childhood and adolescent anxiety, ADHD, IEP’s, CBT, autism and mental health

Our VISION: Provide children and families with skills to live and play in a social, thriving and productive environment.

Our MISSION: Occupational therapy family services provides individualized and collaborative psychosocial groups for children and adolescents in order to address the needs of the children and of the family.

Our Ground Rules and Our Core Values

  • Compassion
  • Community
  • Growth
  • Meaningful Work
  • Service
  • Respect


Thursdays from 5-8p.m.


Saturdays 8am-1p.m.

Virtual Sessions Available on Thursdays

In-person sessions will take place at a community location (library, park, community center) dependent upon CDC guidelines

Check out the services Occupational Therapy Family Service, LLC Offers —-

Occupational Therapy Family Services, LLC provides Occupational Therapy Social Skills services through telehealth (or virtual) sessions which allow us to observe, assess, and facilitate skilled practice of occupations (skills and activities) that are challenging for your child. Our sessions are individual or group. We address the following areas: social skills, life skills and fine motor skills. Please click below for more information on each of these services. We are not ABA therapy, play therapy, behavioral therapy or CBT. We may refer you to a licensed psychologist or physiatrist for additional supports.

Social Skills Courses

Social skills are the skills that are needed to interact and communicate with others daily. The foundational skills of social skills include: play, self-regulation, planning, expressive and receptive language, attention and concentration.

What are the benefits of social skills groups?

Social skill groups can help kids develop and practice important life skills including how to establish and maintain positive relationships and conversations with peers and adults.

We offer individual sessions, sibling session and group sessions if appropriate.

Life Skill Courses

Life Skill Courses

What are Life Skills?

Life skills are the skills needed for every day life (in order to make the most out of life). Any skill that is useful in life is considered a life skill. Life skills change as we develop and age.

Fine Motor Skills

Fine Motor skills are the skills needed to perform many of the tasks that utilize our hands such as self-feeding, buttoning, zippering, writing.

Forms and Policies

Telehealth Policies

Occupational Therapy will be provided via video conferencing software or other means of telecommunication.   Video Conferencing software will be HIPPA complaint and with a provider, that has a Business Associate Agreement (BAA).  The video conferencing platform will meet the physical, administrative, and technical regulations of HIPPA and HITECH.  The technology will include user authorization, encryption at rest and transition, and have audio controls. 

Some Services that may be provided during telehealth Occupational Therapy:

Parent Education and Coaching, Developmental skills for young children, Life Skills, Social Skills, Mental Health/Anxiety Education and treatment, IEP Coaching, Mindfulness training and coaching, Self-care education and training, ADHD Education, Training on home modification,Training on prevention of illness,

Tele-rehabilitation Equipment needed for Telehealth occupational therapy include: Computer or mobile device, web camera, Headset with attached microphone, high-speed internet connection with a least 3Mbps/sec.

The client may need caregiver support to utilize telehealth services. 

Upcoming Courses

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We have partnered with the Wisconsin Waiver Program – (contact your case manager for more information)

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We offer group courses and individual sessions for social and life skills and fine motor coordination.

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