Winter Break Blues?

Winter Break Blues?

This Christmas break will be different for many us due to the pandemic.  Many of our children have been doing some form of virtual or distance and/or hybrid combination learning for school.  Due to COVID many of us have been spending a lot of time at home and may not be looking forward to Christmas break. 

This is unless you have a plan.

Here are some tips to get through the Christmas break and welcome the new year. 

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  • Have a game night
    • Get out a variety of board and card games.  Playing boards is a great way for children to explore thinking critically, taking turns, problem-solving and exploring strategy. 
    • Did you know that “CandyLand” works on social skills such as focus, attention, taking turns, color recognition and fine motor coordination. 
    • Did you know the game “Hoot Hoot Owl” focuses on the concept teamwork as you have to help the owls get to the nest before the sun comes up. Working as a team to develop strategy works on initiating conversation as well as planning and organizing moves.
  • Write thank you cards for presents received or send a thank you video to family and friends
    • This will work on communication skills
    • See our previous post on how to write a thank you note
  • Plan a puppet show
    • Creating a puppet show promotes play by having the child tap into their imaginary world and explore the feelings of characters (the puppets).  This works on building empathy skills as well as emotional recognition.
  • Create living room olympics
    • Spend an afternoon coming up with challenges and obstacle courses to perform indoors.  You can use old pillows to play the floor is” lava.”  This activity works on planning and communication. Check out this blog post by Amanda Boyarshinov on various olympic activities that can be created in your living room. Please remember to remove all fragile and breakable objects before engaging in these activities.
  • Participate in Yoga (Cosmic kids yoga is great!)
    • Yoga is a great way to develop body awareness, self-regulation and relaxation skills.

Make paper snowflakes

  • Making paper snowflakes is a great way to focus on attention as well as scissor skills.  You can search many designs of snowflakes on the internet.  The above link will walk you through making a paper snow flake step by step. We encourage you to be creative and create your own design as well.

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