Playing Virtual – 16 Ideas for Virtual Playdates

16 Ideas for Virtual Playdates.

Did you know that play is considered your child’s occupation?  

  • Play is a way that they cope with feelings
  • play is a way they can release stress
  • play is a way they can get physical exercise
  • play is a way for them to experience their environment

Here are 16 ideas your child can do on a virtual playdate with a friend or relative.

Draw each other’s portraits

Do Yoga Poses

Build with legos or blocks

Put on a puppet show

Read books  to each other

Make Silly Faces

Write a story together


Show and Tell

Do the same craft together

Play i-spy


Tell jokes

Play dress up with dress-up clothes

Put on a play

Play with playdough

Here is a link to all 16 virtual play ideas that you can print and utilize in the future.

Virtual conversations with family members or grandparents could focus on telling stories, sharing jokes, or showing artwork.  

Below is a link to a great article about the importance of play during a crisis.

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