Emotional Dolls and the benefits of Emotional Play

Emotional Dolls and the benefits of Emotional Play

Are you aware that children have a “job?” And it is important.

Play is essential and the core “occupation” of children.  Play allows the child to gain self-confidence and increase self-esteem.  When children have enjoyment and imagination through play they will “feel good” about themselves.  As children play they develop a storyline through imaginative thought which creates goals.  Throughout the activity the child will redesign, re-evaluate and adapt the play in order to achieve success of the goals.  This success will help them accept future life challenges.

During play children have the opportunity to express their emotions which has many benefits including working through personal problems, reducing aggression and talking out feelings versus internalizing them.  It is often difficult to teach emotions, however, through play child can learn about being emotional aware or understanding emotions which can help develop empathy and emotional intelligence.  The first step in developing emotional awareness is putting a name to the emotion.

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Below are some emotional learning toys that you can incorporated into your child’s play to assist with emotional understanding.

The following emotion dolls can be used to assist with recognition of emotions. This kit comes with six emotional dolls a blank wooden doll that your child can paint their own emotion.

Kids Craft Kit – Paint your own emotion – Emotion Peg Set – Social Emotional Learning – Quite Play – Counseling toy – Learning Toy

Below is a set of 6 emotion wooden dolls with emotions written on each to assist with understanding of feelings.

Emotion Peg Dolls Set of Six – Sadness, Anger, Happy, Worried, Embarrassed, and Love – Social Emotional Learning – Quite Play – Counseling

Amazon also have some great emotional play dolls

My Felt Story, 6 Feeling Peg Dolls

Excellerations Emotions Plush Dolls, 18” Each(Set of 4)–Multi-Ethnic Dolls Represent Happy, Sad, Mad, Scared–Emotion Name Printed in English and Spanish –Facial Expression Matches Body Posture

We hope that you find this article helpful in helping to develop your child’s emotional understanding.


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