Take 5 – For the Month of April

Take 5! 5 Social Skill Activities, 5 Life Skill Activities and 5 Fine Motor Activities


By: Occupational Therapy Family Services, LLC

Social Skill Activities

Feelings Easter Egg Hunt – Print the cards below and place in plastic eggs. Have the child act out the feeling or share when someone might feel the feelings. For younger children use feeling pictures.

  • Read the Good Egg Book – It can be purchased on Rainbow Breathing – You can view a youtube video by go noodle.
  • Egg Races – Each child gets a plastic spoon and a plastic egg and they need to race from one line to another.
  • Read Going on an Easter Egg Hunt Social Story – you can download the story for free from positivelyautism.com

Life Skill Activities

Matching Plastic Easter Eggs – Have your child match up the colors or have them make a pattern.

Dying Easter Eggs

This is one of my favorites for Easter. You can purchase egg dye kits at Walmart, Target, Grocery Stores and Craft Stores. Have your child read the instructors and get it set up or help get it set up (depending on your child’s age).

Practice Cracking an Egg (Might want to try in an empty bowl for the first few times to avoid getting shells into what you are cooking).

  1. Give the egg a firm tap on a flat surface
  2. Press your thumbs into the crack to open the egg
  3. Pull the shell apart to allow the yoke and whites to fall out

Make Scrambled Eggs

Scrambled eggs are a dish made from taking eggs and stirring or whipping them together and cooking them over heat.

First crack the eggs. Then mix together in a bowl. Spray a cooking pan. Add scrambled egg mixture. Turn on medium heat. Stir frequently until eggs are cooked through. Eating raw eggs can cause illness. Supervise your child closely when using the stove.

There are many variations to scrambled eggs such as adding milk or water to help make them more fluffy. To increase the difficulty of scrambled eggs you can always add additional ingredients such as peppers, onions, ham, bacon, mushrooms and cheese.

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Bag Groceries

Believe it or not there is an art to putting groceries into a bag. This skill can be practiced at home and before long you will have additional help the next time you go to the grocery store.

Supplies: Paper or Plastic bags, Grocery items

Place all grocery items on a counter or table and have the child organize the items so like items are together i.e. canned items, produce items, boxed items. For children age 4-7 maybe choose 5-10 items and for children age 8-11 maybe choose 10-15 items and for children age 12-16 maybe choose 15-20 items. You can grade the activity by increasing or decrease the amount of groceries.

Ask your child what is the same and different about these items: Weight, height, temperature.

Provide education on how to pack a grocery bag. Heavy items go on the bottom and light items such as produce and bakery go on the top.

Discuss which items shouldn’t be packed together like fresh produce and cleaning supplies.

Fine Motor Activities

Salt Painted Easter Eggs – Take a piece of paper and use glue to make your egg design. With the glue still wet pour salt over the wet glue. Shake off the excess salt (we did this over the garbage to prevent a huge mess). Once the glue and salt has dried paint with watercolors.

Egg matching with colored pom poms. For this activity you will need colored pom poms and matching eggs. The child can use tweezers or their fingers to put the pom pom in the egg.

Painted Easter Egg Rocks – For this activity you will need rocks, paint and a paint brush. You and your child can decorate the rocks like colorful Easter Eggs.

Egg Tower Stacking – For this activity you will need plastic eggs and play dough. Encourage your child to build the tallest tower they can.

Peeps Writing Activity – For slightly older children, have them complete a writing activity about the Easter Candy “Peeps.” Have them answer the following questions in their writing:

  1. What do peeps eat?
  2. What are peep names?
  3. Where do peeps live?
  4. What do peeps do?


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