Christmas Gratefulness and Thankfulness

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Remembering to be grateful this time of year

The holiday season is a time for festivities, parties, gatherings and through a child’s eye presents on Christmas morning.  If your household is like  mine the holiday season starts after thanksgiving and is filled with family and friend gatherings throughout the month and sometimes carrying over into January.

Each holiday gathering is filled with family and/or friends and often has the activity of gift giving and receiving.  Teaching gratefulness and thankfulness for whatever is giving whether it is an art kit, a package of cheese, a pair of socks or the latest robotic toy is a skill that should be discussed and practiced prior to arriving at the holiday gathering.

There are many scenarios to practice ahead of time with your child….

What if you get a gift you already have?  What if you don’t like the gift?  What if you don’t get a gift?  How to say thank-you for receiving a gift…

Running through each of these scenarios can help your child prepare a response and in-turn help you avoid embarrassing mental downs in-front of relatives and friends.

After holiday gatherings I strongly encourage writing a thank you note for the gift received.  However, over the years, I have wondered if the art of thank-you notes is lost?  Did you grow up writing thank you notes?

Growing up as a child a thank you was must while receiving  the gift and then a note to follow within the upcoming few weeks.   Writing a thank you note serves many  purposes such as reflection on the gift received, showing appreciation for the gift and establishing a deeper connection with the individual.  For children, writing a thank you note helps to learn appreciation, gratefulness, thankfulness and communication skills – – not to mention fine motor skills for handwriting.

Writing a thank you note doesn’t have to be long and exhausting short and simple does the trick.  Some key items to include in the thank you note include:

  • A simple greeting — Dear Aunt Amy
  • Expression of thanks — Thank you so much for the Christmas presents
  • Additional Information – I really enjoy playing with the new lego set
  • Ending/Regards – Sincerely Josh or Thank you Josh

When choosing a card you can simply use a piece of paper and an envelop, a blank card or a predesigned thank you card.  You can purchase some really cute cards on Amazon.

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