Notes from the Therapists – Nicole and April


This is the first week of our second social skills “anxiety” course. We are so excited that this course has been such a big hit. Parents and children are loving this course.


4-20-19 Welcome to our webpage. We will posting comments periodically related to social and life skills as well as IEP’s.

4-27-19 We are starting this business to focus on social and life skills, an area that we as parents and occupational therapists, feel is an area that children could benefit from in order to have and maintain relationships and conversations.

4-29-19 Do you know that socials are vital in allowing children to have positive interactions with peers and adults? Social skills are the building blocks for children to develop and maintain friendships.

5-6-19 Playing with toys can work on sharing and taking turns. I just bought this alphabet train set for my kids to encourage cooperative play and to work on some academic skills such as recognizing letters and spelling. What toys do your children play with that also address social skills or academic skills? At occupational therapy family services, LLC we will work on your child’s specific needs to improve social and/or life skills.

5-7-19 Sometimes children have difficulties recognizing emotions in themselves and others. At my house, we read lots of books about different types of emotions. We especially like the movie inside out and all the feelings that go with it. Social skill groups can help improve self-awareness and emotional regulation in children and help them to recognize emotions in others.


Its official we are open. We are now accepting clients for group and individual social and life skills sessions.


Our frist four week social skills series is themed “friendship.”

5-31-19 “Friendship”

School is almost out for the summer. Lets practice social skills to prepare for the fall school year.


Social Skills groups started today and the theme is friendship. Todays topic is following rules. The group had playtime, education, an activity and a game.

6-22-19 Week two of Friendship. Topic today was “Introducing yourself.” This week consisted of discussion, practice with introducing yourself a craft and a game.

6-29-19 Week 3 of Friendship. Learning how to introduce ourselves and talk about our likes/interests.

7-6-19 Week 4 of Friendship. “Filling our buckets” Friendship and Compliments. Each child decorated their bucket and assisted in filling each others bucket with compliments.

7-8-19 School is two months away and we understand how stressful school,  IEP and 504 meetings can be.  We are here to help you advocate for your child(res).  Please contact us for help as the school year gets started!

7-29-19 We are happy to announce that Nicole recently became a Parent to Parent which is a family training on ADHD Instructor Certification.

8-2-19 We are working on the next 4 week social skills group. Can you guess what the theme will be?

8-3-19 Working hard on the next social skills series.

8-5-19 Back to School IEP Checklist

  • Read/review your child’s IEP
  • Make sure all team members have a copy of the IEP
  • Ask how communication will be done this year (written, verbal, email, apps)
  • Ask if all supports will start on day one.
  • Help your child prepare for the first day of school by meeting their teacher and taking a tour of the school/classroom
  • Ask questions about the daily schedule for the classroom
  • Ask about expectations of the main classroom and the expectations of other classrooms (music, art, gym, etc.)

9-7-19 New social Skill classes started with the theme of building blocks. We are focusing on problem solving, sharing, taking turns, communication, attention to task and collaborative play through blocks, legos and other items that can be used to build.

9-12-19 April is now a certified child and adolescent (CCATP-CA) therapist through – ICATPA.

9-13-19 Isn’t this phrase true for our children?

9-15-19 We are working hard on getting our next social skills series planned. The theme is art and play. Each week we will work on skills including communication (both verbal and non-verbal), taking turns, sharing, direction following, listening through art work.

10-26-19 Art and Play Social Skills – Today we focused on listening, following directions and taking turns while making super cute owls and turkeys. Happy Fall.

Releasing our Winter Social Skills Schedule

5-11-2020 Posting

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