Parents are responsible for all therapy charges.   Payments are due at time of service.  Payments can be made by cash, check, paypal, debit or credit card or through our shopify page. At this time we are not accepting insurance.


Cancellation requires 24-hour notice. A fee will be charged for failure to provide this notice. Chronic cancellations Cancellations of 75% in one month may result in termination of therapy. 

Bad Weather

Occupational Therapy Family Services, will close cancel classes due to inclement weather.

Sick Children 

A child may not receive therapy if he or she is sick. A child who has been ill must be fever-free, vomit-free, and diarrhea-free for 24 hours prior to his or her appointment.  These is assist in prevention of sharing germs and viruses.


Due to the outbreak of the coronavirus, Occupational Therapy Family Services, LLC is following the direction of the CDC, WHO, Wisconsin governor and the federal government.

All sessions will be done virtually.

Telehealth Policies

Occupational Therapy will be provided via video conferencing software or other means of telecommunication.   Video Conferencing software will be HIPPA complaint and with a provider, that has a Business Associate Agreement (BAA).  The video conferencing platform will meet the physical, administrative, and technical regulations of HIPPA and HITECH.  The technology will include user authorization, encryption at rest and transition, and have audio controls. 

Some Services that may be provided during telehealth Occupational Therapy:

Parent Education and Coaching, Developmental skills for young children, Life Skills, Social Skills, Mental Health/Anxiety Education and treatment, IEP Coaching, Mindfulness training and coaching, Self-care education and training, ADHD Education, Training on home modification,Training on prevention of illness,

Tele-rehabilitation Equipment needed for Telehealth occupational therapy include: Computer or mobile device, web camera, Headset with attached microphone, high-speed internet connection with a least 3Mbps/sec.

Client may need caregiver support to utilize telehealth services. 

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