Our Programs are for children age 4-16 and each topic is 4 weeks in length.

 Social Skills Groups

Social skill groups can help kids develop and practice important life skills including how to establish and maintain positive relationships and conversations with peers and adults.

How do I know if my child has difficulties with social skills? They might exhibit the following:

  • Avoids eye contacts or stares individuals fixedly
  • Unable to take turns communicating with partners
  • Struggles to use appropriate body language
  • Interrupts other frequently
  • Talks at you versing engaging in conversation
  • Unable to start and end conversations appropriately
  • Talks with unusual speed, pinch, volume and tone of voice
  • Discloses too much information to unfamiliar people (including strangers)
  • Struggles to respond appropriately when asked to change their actions
  • Difficulty listening to peers and adults
  • Difficulty think before speaking
  • Unaware of others feelings and fails to read other people’s feelings based on verbal and non-verbal communication 
  • Shows little interest in what the other person has to say
  • Tends to talk about topics of their own interests
  • Unable to respond to teasing, anger, failure and disappointment appropriately
  • Lacks imagination
  • Negative communication and interaction with others
  • Difficulty following rules or directions
  • Appears self-centered
  • Lacks empathy towards others

Life Skill Groups

Life Skill Groups can help children develop and practice skills needed for everyday life including but not limited to coping skills, thinking/problem solving skills and skills for independence.

IEP Coaching

We help families advocate for their children at school. We will assist with IEP and 504 goals, and help families navigate the IEP process.

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