Life Skills Groups/Individual Sessions

Life Skills Groups/Individual Sessions:

50 Minute Group/Individual Session with goals to address:

Life Skills Checklist

❏ Tying shoes
❏ Putting on clothing (using zippers and buttons)
❏ Writing a letter
❏ Daily organization
❏ Getting a snack or making a light meal
❏ Cleaning up a room (house) and making the bed
❏ Cleaning up dishes or washing dishes
❏ Laundry
❏ Shopping at stores and comparing items
❏ Personal grooming and hygiene
❏ Basic First Aid
❏ Exploration hobbies and recreational activities
❏ Communication
❏ Safety Awareness (when to the cross street and not touch a hot pan)

❏ Organization and time management
❏ Social skills and manners
❏ Setting Goals
❏ Decision-Making skills
❏ Collaboration and Accountability
❏ Basic Financial Skills

A group session can be done with two more individuals that have a similar goal.

Each session is $55.

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