Life Skills Groups/Individual Sessions

What are Life Skills?

Life skills are the skills needed for every day life (in order to make the most out of life). Any skill that is useful in life is considered a life skill. Life skills change as we develop and age.

Life Skills Groups/Individual Sessions:

50 Minute Group/Individual Session with goals to address:

Life Skills Checklist

❏ Tying shoes
❏ Putting on clothing (using zippers and buttons)
❏ Writing a letter
❏ Daily organization
❏ Getting a snack or making a light meal
❏ Cleaning up a room (house) and making the bed
❏ Cleaning up dishes or washing dishes
❏ Laundry
❏ Shopping at stores and comparing items
❏ Personal grooming and hygiene
❏ Basic First Aid
❏ Exploration hobbies and recreational activities
❏ Communication
❏ Safety Awareness (when to the cross street and not touch a hot pan)

❏ Organization and time management
❏ Social skills and manners
❏ Setting Goals
❏ Decision-Making skills
❏ Collaboration and Accountability
❏ Basic Financial Skills

A group session can be done with two more individuals that have a similar goal.

Each session is $55.

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